This is not Rio but it looks like an identical twin.
My grandma got new horses three weeks ago! They can be ridden and their names are Rio, the girl, and Ceasar, the boy. They can't make little horses. They dont get along well. Its like they split the feild and if one goes on the others side they charge and attack. That is a bad thing because their stalls are right next to each other and they bang on the stall door and sides to bite or attack each other. Rio is a paint and Ceasar is all black. Rio is a lot smaller then the giant Ceasar. They are my favorite horses ever and I got to go into Rio's stall! Ceasar is too big to go into his stall but me and Ceasar got to bond a LOT.

I think we should pick Little Caesars.
I think we should pick Little Caesars because more people like Little Caesars than Trowbridge and jets pizza.  It costs more than Trowbridge but more people would come if they knew it was Little Caesars.  I also like Little Caesars more.  I think that Little Caesars is better and its an in between price. 

my deserted island
What would you bring with you to a deserted island?

You can only bring five things.

Sleeping bag-so I can sleep comfortable
medicine-so I can get better if I get sick
fishing pole-so i can fish for food in the water around
matches-to light a fire
compass-so i know how to get back to where i can get food

I chose these because They are things that people tell me are the best things to have with you to survive.  I had trouble choosing because I had to give up things that could not help me survive that I wanted.  I wanted to bring other items but they would not help much.  They were: computer,ice cream,a friend,a blanket,bathing suit,towel,camera,extra outfit,and a soccer ball.  I would have brought them but they are not helpful things to bring.  I could only bring five things anyways.   

Jasmines cat
I plan to use my blog to post adorable pictures of my pets.  I enjoy blogging because I have a place to show my friends pictures of my pets.  I plan to blog once every weekend.  With this useful place I can put pictures of my pets.  They mean so much to me.  They probably will feel famous once they find out they are on my blog!  My friend Jasmine LOVES cats more than anything!  We even have a club called the Kitty Club!  Now I can write about our club meetings.

My Pixie Hood hat
Today I am doing my first blog!  My mom got a friend to make me and my sister some hats.  They are Pixie Hoods.  Mine is a blue with many other shades of blue.
  My technology and social studies teacher is the best!  Without her I would not have my blog.  I am hoping for a snow day on Friday!  I have my fingers crossed.


    I am a big sister.  I have a little sister.  I love reading and all cats!!  I own 3 cats a fish and a dwarf hamster.

    PictureMy dwarf hamster. Her name is Sprinkles.


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